Staff Trainings

In a basic training course, we provide an initial overview of data protection. In particular, we deal with the following topics:


  • Legal framework and essential terms of data protection
  • Principles of data protection
  • Lawfulness of the processing of personal data
  • Data categories
  • Consent
  • Rights concerned
  • Notes on technical and organizational measures / data security
  • Documentation of business processes
  • Conduct in the event of data protection violations and infringements
  • Notes on the use of mobile devices in compliance with data protection regulations
  • Notes on the company’s data protection policy
  • Risk analysis for data subjects (data protection impact assessment)
  • Notes on the internal data protection organization Documentation of business processes

Data protection for employees

We offer trainings, seminars and workshops for your company. The contents are up-to-date and adapted to your daily work. Our well thought-out concept increases awareness of data protection and provides comprehensive and practical information on the subject. In addition, we offer concrete instructions for all employees who work with personal data.